If you've created something with CBM prg Studio and would like to share it with the world then send me a couple of screenshots and I'll put them on this page.

You don't see many new PET games these days, so I'm really pleased to see these! During 2020/2021, Jim Orlando wrote five new arcade games for the PET and they can be found here.

Abu Simbel Profanation is a platformer videogame developed by Víctor Ruíz and published by the spanish firm Dinamic in 1985 for Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX computers. In UK it was published by Gremlins Graphics. 32 years later the time has come for the Commodore 64 users to enjoy one of the most difficult games of the spanish software history.

The original instructions said: “Johnny Jones keeps on his personal challenge to the death and dips ladle into the passages and bends of a dark and antique pyramid in Egypt. This means: get the correct diamonds according to their colour, and open the doors with them. Avoid EVERYTHING but the flashing egyptian symbols on squares.”

The developer's website is here.

This is "Quad Core", a fantastic puzzle game written by Richard Bayliss.

This is a puzzle game inspired by public domain games Mind Maze, Reaxion and also D-Lite. This game is however slightly different - and is also public domain software. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the lights on the console, in order to complete the level. The only difference - there are 3 different colour combinations, that will get cross inverted. The first few stages will be pretty much straight forward, but the further you progress into the game, the more challenging it will become. You also have a time limit, and 4 lives at your disposal.

Quad Core C64 also comes with a built in level editor, where you can create your own challenging levels, in order to test your friends to their limits. You can also set time limit and test the levels yourself to see whether they are easy, hard or just damn right impossible against the time limit you have set. The levels can be saved on to either disk or tape and loaded back via the i/o menu. Pressing RESTORE will revert back to the title screen and reset the levels to the pre-made levels. I hope you have loads of fun.

Richard has very kindly made the source code available from here.

Here are some screenshots from 'Rocket', written by 'The Power Shed / Sprouts'. This is a simple dodge game, in which you must control a rocket and score as many points as possible. Asteroids will fly down the screen. The entire source code can be downloaded from here.

Here are some screen shots of "Robotland", written by Laddh. It can be found here

Here is "Diamond Hunt", a professional looking game written by Rob Murphy using CBM prg Studio for an unexpanded VIC 20.

Here are some screen shots of "Phase Out", a game written by Ernst Neubeck. It can be found here

Another game by Ernst, soon to be released.

Here is "Line of Fire", a demo by Sebastian Hartmann. The fully commented source code for this demo is included in CBM prg Studio (from the C64 samples menu).

Here are some screen shots of "Alien Bash 2", a commercial game written using CBM prg Studio by Tomi Malinen. The game is available from here

Here is "Helsings Hunt, a stab in the dark.", made by "Goerp". The game is available from here

Here is a tic-tac-toe game, made by "JUGA64".

PETSCII Poker - A fun poker game by Ronny Nordqvist. The game is available from here